3 Cards to Midnight

3 Cards to Midnight

Three Cards to Midnight is an adventure game with an original gameplay
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Three Cards to Midnight is an adventure game in which you must help a girl remember her past, since she has lost her memory. Throughout the game, the man who supposedly is trying to help her remember things, shows her tarot cards that represent a hidden-object game. Whenever you complete a room, you are graded with stars (starting from 1 to 4), which is determined by the points you get. The gameplay is different from all the hidden-object games I played before. Here you are given a keyword, and you must find items related to that word. For instance, the first word is Note, so you must find a book to form the word ¨notebook¨, and so on. The game has three game modes: Easy (with fewer objects to find, more hints, and more misses allowed), Challenge (more objects to find, but plenty of hints), and Gamer (more objects, fewer hints, and more penalties for misses). However, even in easy mode the game proves to be really challenging. Besides, the graphics are not very detailed and sometimes, the objects are not easy to recognize. Each scene has also a puzzle to be solved that provides clues to recover your memory. The puzzles are clever and interesting. However, if you don´t feel like playing them you can skip them, but there are penalties. Also, the story is intriguing and well-connected to the game.

All in all, Three Cards to Midnight is an interesting game with an original gameplay that may call the attention of many hidden-object fans, specially the pros or advanced ones.

Silvana Mansilla
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  • Original gameplay
  • Interesting story
  • Three difficulty levels


  • Repetitive music
  • Extremely challenging for beginners
  • Graphics are not very detailed
  • Harsh penalties
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